The project "Text2Voronoi" deals with the question "How to visualise Text-information?" in a well-arranged and comprehensible way.
On this website we introduce a way of visualising text informations by a 3D-Graph. The algorithm uses multiple techniques from NLP (Nature Language Processing) like Stanford PoS-Tagger, Lemmatizer, Tokenizer and more to generate the necessary dataset for the 3D-function.

On the home page you can see a selection of text from different german authors and the related visualisations.
If you want to compare visualisations of different text, use the subpage "Compare". Out if this you can take your own text or a any other text-ressource to visualize it in the subpage "Custom".

E.T.A. Hoffmann

Das steinerne Herz

Heinrich Heine

Das Sklavenschiff

Rainer Maria Rilke

Die Parke

Heinrich von Kleist

Über das Marionettentheater

Gottfried Keller

Palmeta und Pineta

Friedrich Schiller

Der hypochondrische Pluto